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Throat Punch productions came to life when two tattooed dudes in East Tennessee decided that it was time to do something we loved, and to do it for the world to see. We have a love for art.  Not only paint on canvas or photography, but art in all forms. Music, paint, poetry, photography, and in my opinion planning your next event is an art form as well.  These are the things that we do better than the rest, and offer you multiple options to choose from while giving you the perfect experience. 

Offering event planning, photography, product photography, graphic design, and videography.  So whether you are planning a wedding, art show, music venue, someones birthday, taking your business to the next level with quality product photography.... Talk to us!  Let us show you how we can help, and why you want us. But before you do.... Let's get somethings straight. We don't cut corners. We prefer to work in a partnership with our clients and not tell you everything to do. We want each and every thing we touch done perfectly. We are 100% honest....  If we don't think that it'll work, we won't waste your time or money and we WILL HELP you find a person or company that might be a getter fit. We both love coffee.... so feel free to bribe us with some when we meet!  

Thanks for taking the time to look over our page, and please reach out to us with any questions that you might have.  You can not be disappointed.    


Partners & Creators

Jeremy Gouge - IMDb
Partner, Photography

I am a husband and father. I am blessed to live in the majestic Blue Ridge mountains of East Tennessee, with the Appalachian Trail stretching wide nearby. My passion for the outdoors and photography can be happily wedded together here and inspiration is available at every turn. You can usually find me roaming about in my Chacos — camera and fishing pole in hand … often, my boys are tagging along, stair-stepped with their cameras in tow. These are the moments I cherish.

I would describe myself as a Feelings & Details Photographer — whether it be a wedding, a landscape, or merchandise, I love taking a photojournalistic approach and focusing on the emotion and heartbeat behind what the image represents. I work hard to convey legitimate meaning in my photos — we are capturing so much more than just a person, a wedding, a venue. We are capturing love. We are capturing the moments that write the story of your life. And to be part of that production for you, I’m truly honored.

Wesley McKeehan
Partner, Videography

I THINK… that success for me will come when I am working for me. On my schedule. Following MY dreams. Working on MY passions. When I can provide FOR my family… while actually being a part of it as well. I also want to leave a POSITIVE impact on others. Over the years, I have become known as an asshole. I have burned bridges…. so many in fact, I’m sure my path could be followed from outer space at times. I want people to remember me NOT as the asshole. But as a father. A good man. A man of honor, and dignity.

Will I get there?? Hell… I think I will. But we are also never promised tomorrow. So until death finds me… I’ll follow this path. I’ll keep pushing to get to where I can be “free”. I’ll try to make a positive impact on others. I’ll keep setting goals, and measure myself against them. I’ll keep getting up early and going to bed late. I’ll continue having a WORK ETHIC… words that seem lost on the millennial generation. I hope that you have enjoyed the story but as always… I’m not a writer. My grammar sucks, and my spelling is probably worse. I did, however, feel as though I should let you into my little world… However, twisted and messed up it is.


Associates & Staff

Natasha Gouge
Boss Lady/Accounts receivable

Whitney Finley
Boss Lady/Customer Service

Atlas Gouge
Chief mayhem director

Austin Reed
Senior Driver/lighting

Jaryn Gouge
Second Photographer

Cinder Gouge
K9 unit/Security


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