Personal Photography

With over 16 years experience, our photographer offers it all.  From a light and airy wedding, fun-filled family photos, or one of the darkest modeling photo shoots you can dream up.  Jeremy ( has perfected the art of capturing your soul in his photos.  Because we believe that some things are better in an old school fashion, you can also enjoy real photography done on 35mm film as well.  When your session is complete, you will have the digital images delivered to you accompanied with a link to order any that you may want printed on any media you like (metal, canvas, etc).  To begin this process, we want to talk with you upfront to make certain that we'll be a perfect match for what you are looking for.  If we don't feel we would be your perfect fit... We'll hook you up with another local photographer that we feel suits you best and charge you NOTHING for our services.  We truly want to take care of our customers, and give them the product they dream of, and this is just one of the ways we do simply that!    

Product Photography

Have your own online business?  Taking photos of products that you have taken hours to create with an iPhone? Want to make your presence known on social media?  Product photography is one of the things that we truly love!  I know you have all seen many companies that have photos of their products that simply make you say WOW.... And that's what we can do!  Working with companies from California to Germany, and everywhere in between we are 100% confident that NO ONE on the east coast can touch us in this department. We will work one on one with you to make certain that we know the direction you want your reputation going, and to make your products more appeasing to the clientele that you are trying to capture! Clothing companies, beard oil, soap, whatever you got.... we can take what you have, and make it better! 

Event Planning 

Ok.... Let's not get this twisted.  You probably don't need help planning your kids 5th birthday party, BUT.... If you want to have an event that will leave your guests feeling as though they have just left a red carpet event in Hollywood California that's what we can do!  Can we do your sweet 16 that everyone will be jealous of? Yup... Can we do a laser light show, full 100" projection screen, and movie night at the pool for your summer throw down? Yup.  Need to put on a large venue with full sound, lights, smoke, and effects that are only rivaled by a live Rob Zombie show? Yup... we got that too.  Want a petting zoo, and pony ride.... well.... We will hook you up with someone else! LOL. Legit... This is a passion for us that hasn't been done here as much as we have on the west coast, and we hope that you'll reach out to us and make some memories that NO ONE will forget!