Living in a van down by the river

As I sit here, I've became oddly aware of how much noise can be found in silence.  The droning sound of the fan above my head.  The air that it pushes down across my ears.  The slight tick that can be heard as my fingers pound on the keyboard.  The leather from the couch as I move ever so slightly from time to time with the motions of my arms.  My beer beside me as the bubbles from carbonation seem to pop over and over again. Even swallowing sounds as though there's an ocean in this loft....  Sounds a bit much, doesn't it?  This... is my "Sound of Silence". And this.... is what I want away from.  No more loft... No more sitting here listening to nothing... It's time to get outta here, and I think we are all going to enjoy what happens next.  

Now onto the great news....  The countdown is on!  This time next week, we'll be climbing into one of our friend's planes and heading out to Missouri to pick up our new work van/home.  Yeah, I just said slash home.  I've wanted to do this for a number of years now, but present circumstances have now given me the opportunity to live IN A VAN, down by the river.  Work has been crazy as of late, and there has been a LOT of travel and it has costed more money than I care to even share. So this... was the perfect opportunity!  We have found a Promaster high top, extended 3500 diesel van that will both serve as a living space, and mobile office as we are quite sure that we will be needing it more and more.  If I said that we weren't both super stoked to be getting this.. I'd be a HUGE liar.  We both are as excited as two 10-year-old kids with our first Playboy magazine, and I had an idea to go with this plan.  

I think that some of you might actually enjoy getting to see two tattooed dudes from Tennessee climbing into a private plane, picking up our new pride and joy, and taking a couple of days worth of road trip stupidity as we come back home..... soooo.... Stay tuned for our short film/video/vLog whatever you wanna call it.  Probably most Jeremy and myself driving, having conversations that we think are brilliant while most of you will disagree, and HOPEFULLY.... some beautiful scenery as well.  Make sure you follow us on Instagram to see some of the money shots, check us out on YouTube for the video of the fun, and check back here for more details and quite possibly some further blog posts about what we do to the van until you see the finished product!

Hello, World!