The internal battle

So, just like every business owner (or at least I THINK this is how they all are).. I’ve worked my “day job” for the last 12 hours and am currently sitting at a bar top with my iPad in hand. As I sip on a glass of whiskey on the rocks my mind won’t turn off. Like at all. I’ve sat and starred at the SEO tab on our website, I’ve researched key words, I’ve looked up google add words, and literally gotten lost in so much data that I think I have used pieces of my brain that I haven’t in years. I began realizing that I was stressing so badly over these little things that I hadn’t even stopped to enjoy the spirit sitting to my left, and that within itself is a horrible thought. So let’s talk, shall we?

We are a small company. Like legit, there’s two of us that do this. We do have other shooters come in with us from time to time or collaborate on projects with others (insert IMD cert here ) but for the most part it’s just two tattooed dudes and their families that do this because of two simple reasons. #1 we love it. That feeling we get when we finish an album and get to deliver it to a client…. that’s like the best feeling in the world. #2… because if you don’t hire us we’ll punch you in the throat (hence the name..). And #3 because that last one was a total joke, it gives us the opportunity to capture moments in time that without these cameras, would be lost FOREVER. Any ways…. You get it, right? We do it not because we are going to become rich and famous, we do it because we love it. NOW for the other side…. We DO love it, but with the craft also come the costs. Like costs’ that we didn’t think of. New gear, travel money, a freaking van, flights, hotels, cases to put our gear in, drones that we crash and have to buy new ones, and the freaking list goes on and on and on. THESE, are the simple reasons that we charge for what we do. We want to be the best. Produce the best films. The best photos. The BEST experience to all of our clients. To do all of that , we try and expand. New website, looking to sell some merchandise (mainly because Throat Punch is the coolest name ever … I mean if you don’t want a T shirt that has our logo on it, why are you even reading this……) This is where the battle comes in.

I DO NOT want this to become something that we are slaves to. We want this to be fun not only for our clients, but for US. Yeah… we are fucking selfish, and that’s ok too. If you know us you already know that we aren’t afraid to speak our minds. To tell you to fuck off if you’re being a dick. To tell you that your idea for the “most amazing photo ever” is truly a pile of bull shit. WE will remind your uncle that’s trying to take “wedding photos” with is iPad to sit the fuck down, cause you hired a professional….. We want to make sure that you have fun, get the perfect experience, and we are the ones that can give it to you. So what the hell am I doing worrying about SEO or SEM or whatever its called?? It’s simple…. we want to be the best. We already know that we are the best photography company on the east coast. We know that Jeremy Gouge is a force that most can’t hold a candle to. Peter McKinnon, MIGHT…. be able to teach Wesley something but he’d do well to take a class from Jeremy to learn something himself. Soooooo here’s the end of the story. If you’re reading this, and you’re a computer guy/internet GURU freaking call me! We want our site to work well only to get us in front of some of the most rad people wanting to make some rad memories, and us catch them all! So HELP US…. Cause after all of this, and looking, reading, and typing this 30 minute rant…. I know that I am a much better film maker than I am in Internet Web maker…. Yep …. I suck balls at that :)