Foggy Mountain Love Story


We recently saw a post of someone looking for referrals to have some photos made while they were in town. This was a cool situation and one we were quick to respond to and step up for. Wes saw the post in a random Facebook group were he quickly replied throwing our name in the ring. The situation is unique in a few ways so it only seems fitting that they chose us because we are nothing in the market if not unique.

Travis and Melissa are traveling from Maryland and visiting family in Pigeon Forge, TN. Melissa messaged us promptly and after seeing Wes' comment and it was obvious that we would get along well. I should start by admitting that Wes and I both manage our Facebook page and its easy to get ahead of each other because we strive to be prompt to our clients and available. This means that sometimes, we are both messaging people at the same time and one another to clarify everything. What was interesting is not only are Melissa and Travis in East Tennessee which holds such a special place for me personally, but they are also Jeep people and enjoy getting outside. I don't think it could have worked out any better. We discussed their preferences and we quickly suggested the Beauty Spot in Erwin, TN. She mentioned they would love Mountain views, and fields if possible. Both of these are easily found at this amazing location. So we had a plan and we were ready to go last Monday. We agreed to meet in town so they could follow me up the mountain. This is another amazing detail of our story. They eagerly drove the 2 hours from where they are staying on vacation just to work with us. I checked the weather and Monday was the only day of the week with a low percentage of rain, but Melissa was happy to shoot in the rain if it came to that, and I am happy to make that happen anytime.

As I drove to meet them, I noticed how beautiful the fog was dancing across the tops of the trees. I was quick to realize that we may or may not have the views promised, and the doubt set it, but just for a minute. I remembered how much I love a challenge and I made a decision to tackle any obstacle thrown at us.

We met up, introductions were made and we were ready to head up. Unfortunately, at this time, they were about 30 mins late due to traffic and we started later in the day to catch sunset so time was against us. As we took the pull off into the gravel and climb the fog was heavier than I expected but no turning back now. Once we made it to the parking area, and we surveyed the area we were ready to go. I have to admit how easy they made this session. I was thrilled to work in fog so heavy you could barely see 20 feet in front of you. This created some issues I wasn't expecting, like did you know if you have someone roughly 15 feet away shooting thru the dense fog, the fog shows up as grain in the images. I love the character it provided. It gave depth but also something else, something almost magical. Ok, enough typing already, let's see some pictures.