Times are changing.... and we are NOT afraid of change


Well…. WE’ve discussed this for well over a year. Looked at all the options. Debated what was the BEST decision for us both as a business, and with our finances. And the thumbnail for this blog post is what has became of all of this. As 2019 is already well in full swing, we have found ourselves with shoots happening on location in St Louis, Asheville, Knoxville, Bristol, Nashville, and Shelby just within the next 45 days! We are a small business, and those hotel rooms or Air BNB’s can take a HUGE amount from the bottom line, so this….. was what we feel is our next best step!

DON’T WORRY! As we begin building out our Ram Promaster 3500 eco diesel camper van/mobile office we will be taking you along for the ride with us! I personally have enjoyed watching multiple YouTube videos of others completing their builds, seeing how everyone has done little things to make life on the road easier, and I hope that you will enjoy our journey as well. If you haven’t already jump over to IG (Instagram) and give us a follow @throatpunchpros. After working long days at a normal 9-5 job you can enjoy watching me smash my fingers, cut myself, scream, yell, and possibly bleed too!

Wish us the best, and we hope to see you all soon as we travel across the country making our dreams come true…… and probably hiking every chance we get too!