One word, that gets followed up by two...

Wow… That’s probably about the best way to describe how I’m feeling right now without sounding like a total sissy. Over a year ago both of us (Wes McKeehan and Jeremy Gouge) formed this company together. It was set up to be somewhat of an artistic release, if you may, for the both of us. It gave us an avenue to be behind the camera to create art that we enjoyed vs doing the other work that we do which pays the bills. DON’T GET ME WRONG… We love photos and videos of all kinds, and especially those that pay our bills, but some of the things that the introduction of Throat Punch Pros has brought down upon us, we truly have been blessed and even humbled at times. Obviously 2019 has been great to us, 2020 is stacking up to be even better, and I truly in my heart believe that we are only at the beginning. We believe in a couple of simple rules for the most part, and have just barely gotten our name out to the masses as of yet. These “rules” are fairly simple as we began the business. 1) Create something you love everytime and 2) Treat every human being/customer/wtf ever to the best of our ability. I know that sounds kinda silly probably, but let that soak in. If we treat everyone we come in contact with to the best of our abilities… those people eventually become our customers. If our customers like us, enjoy being around us, and trust us…. well…. we get to create without restraints at that point, which allows us to make our “art”, or as I call it something we love rather than something someone just paid us to do…. which if you’re a photographer and reading this, you know that sometimes shooting cousin Earl with his 17 kids, wife, and the two x wives just can simply be painful at times. I literally just almost threw up typing that sentence as my minds eye showed me a family of 22 people with overhauls and stripped shirts on… *shivers at the thought*. Ok. enough of that mess…. now back to what I was saying.

2019 has brought multiple companies to our door step. Many people that were first met online or via referral that now feel as friends. Many opportunities that we could have never saw in our lives a month ago. All of these things truly make me have that one simple word to say…”Wow”. Believe me when I say that we are only getting started, but without each and everyone of you sharing our posts, buying our clothes, hiring us for your photos and videos, we could never be anything. So for that one simple word “Wow” that you have left in my mind… Let me say from the bottom of our hearts… “Thank You!”. Without you, there is no us.

Signed -

Throat Punch

“we do what we want”

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