A pod cast?? What?!

Well… If you were in the Johnson City Tennessee area yesterday and saw our rather large van (aka. Betty White) parked in a random parking lot with two bald, heavily tattooed dudes just sitting beside it with two cameras and an audio recording device…. You weren’t seeing things. One of the goals that we sat for ourselves this last year was to get our PodCast up and running, and yesterday at about 11:30 am we FINALLY did it! I had recently found the app called Anchor by listening to a PodCast done by Casey Neistat and his wife Candic (owner of Billy!). I’ll admit I did NO research into how the app worked, nor how to do our first episode but BAM…. 20 minutes later not only was it done FOR FREE, it was live and online. Granted it’s not great, and the YouTube video will probably be watched/listened to more than the podcast but t was hella easy!

Since yesterday, I actually used my head and done some research to the point that I can successfully say that our following ones will only become better and better…. except you’re still gonna have to listen to us just being us….cause…. well, we do what we want! But until the next one hits, take a quick listen to the first of many to come, and help us out by giving us some feedback and a share or two! You can find us on Apple iTunes, Spotify, the Anchor app, and everywhere else you listen to your podcasts…or…. do what I would do and click the link below!


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