Done is better than perfect... or so they say.

All the lights are off.  The noise from the washer and dishwasher fill my ears.  The glow of the television which is muted illuminates my living room.  Shoes off and feet on the coffee table here I sit.  I've been working on a video for a company that we work with for almost two weeks, and I have almost decided that I am done editing it, but...  It's still just not what I want.  There are pieces that I feel are missing.  The audio is about to drive me absolutely insane.  We shot the "interview" on the back porch of an Air BNB that we were all at in Louisville Kentucky and those damn crickets.... I mean don't get me wrong.  The photos that came from where we set up were amazing.  The set gives the mood that I was hoping for.  Dark, moody, meaningful... But that crickets.  They have haunted me for two weeks. So today I just finally gave up on trying to get them out (I'm NOT an audio guy at all.... and learned that this week) and have decided that I had to be done.  As I type those words, a quote from Casey Neistat comes to mind "Done is better than perfect".



I can't say that he is wrong, but this might be one of my largest flaws.  I ALWAYS want to give people what they want, and then some.  What I'm saying is that if someone wants me to give them a $100, I'm that guy that wants to give them $200.  If someone wants a pair of shoes, I wanna give them a new pair of Yeezy's.  Stupid, right?  I agree.  But this is the way that I have been for forever, and I don't know why.  Maybe it's the only way to show anyone that I give a shit as my emotions are not something that most will ever see. Maybe it's because I try to replace time with money, because that's what I've done for years.  I've traded 12-14 hours a day 6 days per week, missed things at home, holidays, and everything else for ... money.  Now that I've actually typed that out it sounds rather lonely or sad I suppose to those that are reading it. Hell. Maybe it seems that way to me too somewhere inside, however its just kinda the person that I've became over the years. now back to what started this post.


This video I have scheduled to release for the company this coming Friday, September 20th.  It's literally the first video that will be posted on their YouTube channel and HOPEFULLY will take off like a rocket ship.  With that being said, that's just one of the additional reasons that I want everything perfect. This video going live and being seen by hundreds or even thousands of people could have a HUGE effect not only on his company, but the company that we are building here as well with Throat Punch Productions. This idea that we began over a year ago of a company that Jeremy and I could both grow together to the point where it would be our actual "jobs" one day has been like a long slow burning fuse.  I just keep waiting on that fuse to hit the bottom of the bottle rocket, and smile with delight as I hear the whoosh and see the flames as we sky rocket into what we want to become. Well.... rant/vent is over now.  I'm going to sit and stare at this video for 6 more days and then finally let go and just see what happens. So if you happen to follow our social media accounts (cause you should, cause we're awesome) you'll get to see when that launches, and I'll get another post on here as well with the link when it's up live.  Who knows.... with any luck, maybe someone will see the video, hear the message behind the company and it'll change a life.  If that happens, and nothing else....well.... "Done is better than perfect"